Property Division: November 2007 Archives

November 21, 2007

Lottery Ticket? What Lottery Ticket?

Did you hear the one about the husband who won the lottery, neglected to tell his wife, and then bailed out and hasn't been heard from since? It's no joke. As reported in the Bradenton Herald, Donna Campbell has filed a lawsuit against her husband, Arnim Ramdass, after finding out that he hid from her the fact that he had won $600,000 in the Florida lottery. Of course, she can't serve him with the lawsuit, because he's taken a powder.

If she could find and serve him, what would she get? Florida is an equitable distribution state, so if Campbell files for divorce--and who could blame her?--she would be entitled to half of the lottery winnings. A judge might even award her more because of Ramdass' attempt to deceive her, like the California judge did in a 1999 divorce case in which the wife filed for divorce weeks after winning the lottery, and hid the lottery winnings throughout the divorce procedure. Hope she finds the guy....