Jan 08, 2009

Kidneys and Custody: A Tale of the Low Road

Obviously, this story is already all over the blogosphere. It's too good to resist -- a man gave a kidney to his wife, and now that they're divorcing, he says he wants it back.

This is, of course, ridiculous. First, it's so clearly medically wrong and so unethical that no doctor would do it. Second, there's no legal basis for requiring the return of something that could only be given as a gift (it's illegal to sell organs). Third, his request for $1.5 million in lieu of the kidney if she won't give the organ back fails for the same reason -- it would be the equivalent of paying for the organ.

But the kidney isn't the real issue after all, according to Newsday's interview with the husband and his attorney, who said that "of course" the guy doesn't really want his kidney back. Rather, he wants to "draw attention to her not allowing him agreed-upon visitation with the couple's three children..." So the request for the kidney is a publicity stunt to support his allegations in their custody fight.

Sigh. When will parents grow up, learn to put their kids first, and keep their custody issues out of the courts -- not to mention the tabloids? I guess it's not going to be in 2009.

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