Oct 27, 2008

Virtual Activities Lead to Divorce Mayhem

What in the virtual world is going on? Take a gander at these recent stories.

First up, a man in England is sentenced to 14 years in prison for killing his wife, from whom he was separated. Why did he do it? Because she changed her status on the social networking site, Facebook, to "single." He felt "humiliated" by this, so he drove to her house in a drug-fueled rage and stabbed her to death in her bed.

Next, a murder-suicide, also in England -- and I thought the Brits were supposed to be so mild-mannered. In this case, the wife apparently posted an entry on Facebook indicating that she was splitting from her husband. He became enraged and killed her and then himself, leaving their two young daughters orphans.

In a story that's less horrifying only because it didn't happen in real life, a Japanese woman "murdered" an avatar that was her husband in a virtual game world, after the husband "divorced" her in the game world. The woman used login information she got from her virtual husband when they were virtually happily married, to go into his account and "kill" his avatar. He complained to police, and the woman is being prosecuted for illegally accessing a computer and manipulating electronic data.

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