Feb 14, 2008

Win a Divorce on the Radio! What Will They Think of Next?


A West Virginia rock station is celebrating Valentine's Day by giving away a free divorce. Listeners can enter on the station's website by giving a bit of personal information and then explaining why they want a divorce. A local attorney has agreed to handle the actual filing, though the station does say that the case can't be too complicated.

Most people I talked to about this rolled their eyes and shook their heads, but I kind of liked the idea when I first heard about it. I was imagining a fairly amicable divorcing couple who've agreed to work things out and just need help with the paperwork of the divorce, and this seemed like a great opportunity for them to get a break on the expense of getting divorced. Then I went to the radio station's website and saw the picture of a wedding cake with a plastic groom lying next to it in a pool of pretend blood. So much for the friendly divorce fantasy...