Feb 28, 2008

Ex-Governor McGreevey's Divorce Still Going On

The Advocate recently ran an Associated Press story with a headline saying that former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey's divorce from his wife, Dina McGreevey, has lasted "longer than the couple's marriage did." The math leaves a bit to be desired: the McGreeveys were married in October 2000 and split in November 2004, so that's a shade more than four years, and they've been separated for three years and three months.

But the point is well taken -- especially when you also read that Mr. McGreevey has already spent over $400,000 on the divorce and may double that before the trial, scheduled for May, is over. Still, there's a bit of comfort in knowing that the McGreeveys are in the minority. About 95 percent of divorcing couples settle their cases before trial, usually long before they've used up the kind of resources that have been squandered in this case.

Of course, the couple's young daughter is undoubtedly the biggest victim of her parents' inability to agree -- they even fight over whether and when dad can throw her a birthday party. This case is just another object lesson in why it's better to take the high road, put your kids first, give a little, and get the divorce done.