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December 3, 2007

Communication is Key

There are some great resources out there on the Internet and in the blogosphere for divorced parents, especially those dealing with blended families. I just came across a great idea that made so much sense, I was surprised I hadn't heard of it before. A blended family created an email group so that all of the adults involved in raising their kids--a divorced mom and dad, and a stepmom--get all the same information about the kids at the same time. They use the email address as a contact address for schools, after-school activities, camps, and other points of contact related to their kids, as well as to communicate with each other. Here's the post about how they set up the email account and how it works. (The blog has lots of other interesting posts, too.)

Other online resources for parents working together after a divorce include software and web tools for dealing with scheduling and information-sharing, like Another web page I like is about "ex-etiquette," at Of course, all of these resources emphasize treating your children's other parent(s) with respect and putting the kids' needs first--helpful reminders at any time.